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Frequently Asked Questions

1) How should I brew your coffee?

Because there are so many variables (like brewing method, water quality, grind size, etc), it is hard to give a one-size-fits-all answer. However, we generally recommend using 45 grams of coffee per litre of water. Yes, a kitchen scale will help you dial in your coffee game, as nerdy as that may feel! 

2) But, is your coffee any good?

You may like what we're about but wonder if the coffee is any good. Fair enough. Yes, we believe you’ll love the coffee for a couple of reasons:

  • First, we begin with ordering only specialty grade coffee beans. These beans makeup only around 10% of the world’s coffee market. A superior coffee begins with a superior bean. 
  • Second, the coffee you receive has been recently roasted (check the ‘roasted on’ date) which means the coffee in your cup is also fresh! By contrast, the coffee you find in the supermarket is removed from its roast date by many months. You can indeed taste the difference!

So, not only do we give to causes you support, but the coffee itself is excellent!

3) Why do you politicize coffee?

Sometimes we’ve been asked this as if we are the ones guilty of starting this. If you think that way, then we’re not sure you’ve been paying close attention. The economy has been politicized all around you for many years. Companies are constantly trying to show you that they sufficiently align with progressive values so that they do not get canceled. And companies who do try to walk the fine line of neutrality could have their number called any day. And when they do, these companies typically end up caving in to the woke mobs. So, here we are. If you’re tired of the taste of leftism, we’re giving you an alternative.

4) You are white supremacists!!

This, of course, is never phrased as a question but as an accusation. And, of course, it is not true. We deny that loving freedom and desiring politicians to uphold our constitution are somehow fronts for racism. Honest and clear-headed people understand this. These are absurd and dishonest days.

5) What is the quality of your coffee beans?

We only purchase green coffee that is specialty grade, which means we’re roasting the highest quality beans available. See this article for further explanation of what it means for coffee to be “specialty grade.” Also see our answer to question 2 above.

6) Where do you get your beans from?

When we first started, a Facebook user wondered out loud if we were buying coffee made by Cuban slaves and sold at a pittance… Well, this is not how we roll. We buy our beans through importers who vet the various farms they purchase from before importing their specialty grade beans. 

7) Is your coffee Fair Trade?

Our wholesalers vet each farm to ensure that they’re conducting business in a socially responsible manner. All of our coffees are specialty grade for which a premium has been paid. “Fair Trade” coffee is a complicated matter that has mixed reviews and is not the only way to purchase great coffee that is ethically sourced.

8) Is your coffee organic?

Tree Hugger is our organic coffee. The specific bean might change (right now it is a Sumatran coffee), but it will always be organic!

9) When should I expect my coffee to arrive?

We ship weekly (usually on Fridays). So, the closer it is to Friday, the quicker your order will be fulfilled. 

Please note, if you place your order on a Friday, it may get shipped that very day, but could also end up being shipped the following Friday. Try to get your order in before Friday!