*Store Closing; Last day to place an order is March 2, 2023*

Store Closing

There's no easy way to say this... but Resistance Coffee will be closing up shop.
This has always been a side-project for the three of us and the time has come where our focus must be elsewhere. We have greatly enjoyed serving you and getting to meet many of you along the way!
We will be taking orders until March 2, 2023, and after we’ve fulfilled them, we will be shutting down.
If you have been a subscriber, you’ll be getting an email with some further information.
Thank you to all of our customers and supporters!! We've truly enjoyed getting to know some of you and having some fun along the way. We are also glad to have been able to contribute in a small financial way to organizations carrying on the legal battle to preserve Canadian freedoms.
Thanks again and stay vigilant!