A Story of Resistance

The story of Resistance Coffee Co. continues.

This is a story that began with three friends in Saskatchewan, a hot-wired oven, and a love for fresh-roasted coffee and freedom.

Like you, we remember the feeling of satisfaction at the thought that someone had finally found a way to monetize two of life’s greatest pleasures: great coffee and liberal tears.

We remember the sense of relief when we realized there were still Canadians who loved and fought for the principles and values that made our country great.

We remember the joy of finally being able to support a company that didn’t despise us and our way of life.

We were thankful to support a small business that was in the fight. And we believe that fight must go on.

So when my wife and I heard that Resistance might be looking for new owners to continue the mission, we jumped at the opportunity.

We love fresh-roasted coffee. And we love true freedom even more.

We believe in the values that Resistance Coffee has always upheld: limited government, human dignity, personal responsibility, the traditional family, the rule of law, and the supremacy of God.

In short, we stand on the historic values that this country was founded on, and that are now under siege.

We believe that resistance to tyranny is obedience to God, and our duty to our fellow man.

We aim to do our small part by holding the line wherever faithfulness requires it, and by fuelling the resistance with fresh-roasted, specialty coffee.

We hope that you will join our family as we help this story continue.

Soli Deo Gloria,

Alex and Rebecca Kloosterman