Introducing Resistance Outposts

Free Shipping, Free Coffee, Earn $ with every bag sold

Our goal is to supply fresh-roasted coffee from coast-to-coast by establishing ‘outposts’ across the country that help our customers save money on shipping.

By working together with like-minded, freedom-loving Canadians, we can deliver amazing coffee in a cost-effective way.

Do you have friends and family members who want our specialty coffee, but don’t want to pay shipping?

Become an Outpost of the Resistance!

You get:
Free Shipping
Free Bag of Coffee
$ for every bag you sell

Your friends and family get:

Free Shipping
Face-to-face local pick-up from their freedom-loving friend (you!)

Interested? Reach out below with your:

Name, City, and Province.

We'll be in touch!

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