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Resistance Coffee Co

Mischief Makers 5lb ($35 discount) OP

Mischief Makers 5lb ($35 discount) OP

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In Canada we've got three kinds of criminals. First, there are the actual criminals. These we release back into the general population as soon as possible. 

Next are the "professional" class of criminals. These wear parliamentary attire and are currently in the midst of making Canada third-world again. 

Finally we have the imagined criminals, of the kind who build snow barricades and jump in bouncy castles. These we grind to powder in the gears of bureaucratic machinery.

Here's a roast for the last crowd: the dissidents, the outlaws, and the prisoners of conscience. 

Because when good is called evil - do you really want your hands clean?

Origin: Brazil-Ethiopia Blend

Notes: Dark Chocolate, Vanilla, Roasted Almonds, Melon

Process: Natural/Washed

Whole Bean Coffee

Tasting Notes

This medium roast is a blend of Brazilian and Ethiopian specialty-grade coffee. We wanted to combine the chocolate and nutty notes of the Brazil with the fresh and fruit-forward notes of the Ethiopian. The result is a more complex but balanced cup.

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