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Resistance Coffee Co

Fossil Fuel 5lb ($35 discount) OP

Fossil Fuel 5lb ($35 discount) OP

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Throughout history, society has had to grapple with some of life's most urgent questions.

"Who will throw paint on our priceless art? Who will obstruct our medical transport vehicles? Who will keep us in a constant state of false-alarm and self-loathing? Who will champion the cause of unreliable, expensive energy? Who will bravely maintain double-lives of private decadence and public conscientiousness?"

Here at Resistance, we like to keep things simple, which mostly means not wasting smart answers on stupid questions. 

We may not be experts, but we're pretty sure cheap fuel means greater flourishing for all - even us unsubsidized plebs.

Origin: Brazil-Columbia Blend

Notes: Dark Chocolate, Toasted Almonds, Vanilla & Pear

Process: Natural/Washed

Whole Bean Coffee

Tasting Notes

This dark roast/espresso is a blend of Brazilian and Colombian specialty-grade beans. If you enjoy a bold flavour, without the bitterness, this one’s for you. Feel free to add cream and sweetener with your coffee (we won’t judge). But you won’t need it. This dark is smooth enough to enjoy black without compelling you to drown it in cream.

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