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Home and Hearth - OP

Home and Hearth - OP

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There's a time to scorch the earth, and a time to man the hearth.

There's a time to fix bayonets and take the hill, and a time to plant the runner beans and just fix the dang lawn mower already.

Here's a brew for the builders, the growers, and the gardeners. For the homemakers fuelling the haymakers.

For the ones who keep our fires stoked, our minds sharp, and our hearts soft.

Because if there's no feast to come home to - what are we fighting for anyway?

Origin: Sidamo, Ethiopia

Notes: Melon, Red Berry, Orange

Process: Washed

Whole Bean Coffee

Tasting Notes

This specialty-grade, single-origin light roast from Ethiopia is a juicy, clean, delicious, fruit-forward cup.

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