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Strong and Free

Strong and Free

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Dark Roast

There was a time when Canada was truly strong and free. We carved railroads through mountains. We weathered harsh winers and made a way in the untamed wild. We farmed the prairies and fished the coast. We shattered skulls in 1812, took Vimy Ridge, and liberated the Netherlands. 

We invented a national sport involving skating (and fighting) on ice. We valued truth, the rule of law, the supremacy of God, and the dignity of each individual.

Our flag was a dignified red and white (only). Sadly, much has been lost. But it doesn't have to be this way. Not if we have our say.

Here's a roast for the old Canada - to a North truly strong and free. To the truth that gives us freedom, and the strength that helps us keep it.

Origin: Peru

Notes: Smooth, Milk Chocolate, Maple

Process: Natural/washed, Organic

Whole Bean Coffee

Tasting Notes

This specialty-grade, single-origin organic roast is full-bodied, rich, and chocolatey.

A splash of real Canadian maple syrup will bring out the subtle but delicious maple notes as well.

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