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Resistance Coffee Co

Trigger Happy 5lb ($35 discount) OP

Trigger Happy 5lb ($35 discount) OP

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Trying to have a conversation without offending someone these days is like trying to tiptoe through a minefield without getting your legs blown off.

Some folks try to step a little lighter. At Resistance, we're putting on our combat boots and going full-auto with facts.

It's not just that we enjoy seeing woke zealots weep. It's not just that we like watching virtue-signalers deflate like a birthday balloon. It's not even just that we get a kick out of watching the kazoo-weilding cancel police trip over their own shoelaces.

It's that lies hurt people - and were pretty sure some straight talk might be just what the doctor ordered.

Origin: Minhas Gerais, Brazil

Notes: Dark Chocolate and Almonds

Process: Washed

Whole Bean Coffee

Trigger Happy

This specialty-grade, single-origin medium roast from Brazil is a smooth and balanced cup, with nutty, chocolate notes.

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